Rehwas is specialized in construction, interior and exterior designing, infrastructure development and branding for elite class and luxury commercial interiors. The actions of Rehwas can create a huge difference. Company is actually a collection of active, expert and creative designers. As well as our liability and involvement are robustly through each level of the decoration and construction growth.


Residential & Commercial Construction

Rehwas is always committed to green building and sustainable development of the residential & commercial projects. We focus on instructions and training for all Rehwas team members and function to progress our talent to deliver green structure to our beloved customers.

Structural Engineering & infrastructure development

Our structural engineers are very professional & experts to create the form and shape of man-made structures. We ensure that our structural engineers work closely with our customers and remain updated with this field issues so they can face real-world challenges.

Interior and exterior designing Services

We have pleased to provide our best potential in giving you a stunning design solutions for interiors services, corporate conference rooms, corporate interiors services, residential interiors services, vertical gardening etc. Our services are affordable and widely demanded across the Indian market.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

The initial step will be meeting, finalize with our expert team.  After that our experts will handle it all from the beginning to the ultimate design levels and complete work at an appreciable stage and the committed deadline. 

Don’t simply agree to everything we put into the project, but also speak about alternatives if it doesn’t match your thought process. We also utilize this moment to clarify your budget and pricing discussion,

From our first counsel, we then collect all the details we have discussed with you and analyse and set styles and pictures that we think will be perfect for the place. We use this time to prepare our initial style concept boards that we use as a visual tool to clarify the style and confirm the brief between the designer and client.

To achieve any completed concept, a designer should begin with a thought which must take into account function, beauty, and versatility.

Now it’s time to get the blueprint into a plan,,. Once the whole plan is created, it’s easy to create various versions and layouts, without having to completely redraw the project every time. Good design tool can provider you more than just a perfect design; but also facilitate creativeness, goodness and comfort.

Create interior design projects within all fields inclusive; residential, commercial and hospitality.

With proven track record in interior design and installation, we build and install interiors for our beloved customers.

Being a Interior firm we know that what really inside matters. Just as wall systems and steel trusses support and shape the exterior, workspace solutions and integrated palettes define the interior and create an aesthetic, efficient working environment.


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