Structural Engineering

Structural engineering relies upon a absolute information of consumed procedures, materials science, and applied mathematics to know and predict how structures support and resist self-weight and inflicted loads.

 To implement the knowledge successfully a Structural engineering consultant normally needs extensive information of compatible empirical and theoretical design codes, the mechanism of structural research, as well as some information of the corrosion resistance of the materials and structures, generally when those frameworks are uncovered to the outer environment. Since the 1990s, the expert software has become available to do help in the design of structures, with the mechanism to advise in the designing, analyzing and upgrading of structures with utmost accuracy. The best software may also take into consideration environmental complexity, such as from earthquakes and winds.

We concern structures to create them more responsible for evolving requests– whether for huge structures or for especial designs.

Rehwas Structural Engineering designs are economical, practical structures, from the simplest to the most complex, for commercial, retail centers, mixed-use construction, storage facilities, schools, parking facilities, building renovations, and warehouse, institutional, healthcare, educational, hospitality and industrial facilities. We strive to use our experience and talents to offer creative and responsive outcomes for our customers.

The principal engineers have worked closely together for many years and have developed a powerful, successful bonding. Design experience among the among the engineers including years of combined experience.

Providing a consulting structural engineering service, our team of expert structural engineers design, analyze, plan, observe, and investigate structural terms and systems of all kinds. This involves technical, financial, and environmental topics together with the theory that our best work is never seen. With experience and professionals, our structural engineering team proudly offers to consult structural engineering services in India.

Structural Engineering Services Include:

  • Equipment Supports for Gas and Electrical Transmission Industry
  • Inspections and Investigations
  • Construction Administration and Support
  • 3D Visualizations
  • New Construction and Additions
  • Rehabilitation and Renovation
  • Retaining Walls and Excavation Support Systems
  • Supports for Telecommunication Equipment
  • Foundation for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Bridge Design

Our structural engineering consultants specialize in creating design keys that are as responsive and constructible as they are catching and cost-effective. For each project, we assemble the suitable team of experts to address appropriate needs, and we promote the cooperation and collaboration of the design team requires to generate the better outcomes our clients have come to look forward

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