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Rehwas Green Building Concept

To meet the increasing demand for sustainability specialization in the construction field, Rehwas offers an absolute list of services expertise in sustainable construction by experts in this field.

A structure constructed and designed in a sustainable style which reduces its atmosphere effect by optimizing the need of water, raw materials, electricity, and land over the overall life cycle of the structure. Sustainable buildings offer essential sales chances and benefits:

  • The profit on investment can be increased by more than 19%
  • The occupancy when renting can be raised by up to 3%
  • Revenue due to rental charges can grow up to 11%
  • Certified sustainable structures offer good energy execution of up to 30%

A Complete Turnkey Projects

It is often hard to search for an expert providing absolute Turnkey Interior Projects Solutions including Turnkey workspace, interior refinement, modular furniture, electricity work, conference room design services. And if you satisfy to search one somehow, quality work on the given deadline within your budget remains a query… That’s where Rehwas comes in! Rehwas is a topmost service provider in the field of commercial and residential turnkey needs. Our professionals have experience in handling prime turnkey plans.

Structural Engineering

The Structural Branch at Rehwas has the experience that opens up proficiency and simplicity to the board, no matter the work size, or complexity.

The list of services we offer:

  • LEED consulting
  • BIM shadowing
  • Consulting structural engineering services
  • Special Inspections
  • Shoring engineering
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Damage Assessments

 Interior and Exterior Designing

Rehwas’s Interior Design staff works hard to remain present with sector trends and study have proven successes in order to provide our customers with the best quality creation. For example, our team has analyzed and understood design style in education, which has switched their design trends away from common, dull classrooms and towards interior spaces resembling a comfort hotel. Nowadays, students have several preferences and pass a decision on the perceived level of quality and teaching.

Whether it is in the medical sector, education, government or any other field, we have the brilliance and the instrument to provide our customers modern yet usual outlooks to a new design. Our staff has a powerful resume of previous works and Rehwas can offer past field knowledge and understand how to win any project.


As the major construction company in Delhi, Rehwas appointed a marvelous integrated, multi-disciplinary outlook to design, in series to improve the people experience at all level – from the form environment to the items in a room. Our goal is to provide our customers with creative design solutions that are affordable, sustainable and beautiful.

Our team members are highly experienced in the current design trends. We obtain to the heart of your project and your vision by listening and engaging you in collaborative dialog in which ideas are exchanged and a consensus is reached, early and everlasting throughout the variety of the project’s myriad stages.

Infrastructure Development

Rehwas offers our customer with the development specialization, they require to drive projects, small or big, to achievements, while reducing expenses and maintaining deadlines. Rehswas offers these services to customers when they are looking for a fellow to guarantee victory or just when they do not have the in-house tools to potentially develop structure. It doesn’t concern if its national or regional, Rehwas functions as your pal to maintain relevant quality. Whether you are repairing or constructing from the ground up, Rehwas is with you:

  • Improved Timeline and Project Execution
  • Flexible Financial Partner
  • Development Expertise
  • Reduce Total Project Cost
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