Top Country Decorating Ideas

Home Decorating isn’t only about designing a home that appears new and modern. It can also be about securing the heritage and respecting the custom of an older home. If someone blessed enough to have a house with some long-standing character then take the help of these tricks for addressing the theme that requires retouch magic.

Country decor is just full of luxury and delight feelings. Keep our useful ideas and tricks to gift your home a country style that’s something but expected. Rehwas is Famous Residential Interior Designer In Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad & Faridabad. Take a tour through our pleasing country style homes ideas and get tips and motivations to transform your home into a comfortable country residence.

Wall paint

A home wall paint is its most emphasized form. It’s the feature your eyes are surely drawn to when you enter into the room. So guys if you are confused that how to begin decorating a country home, finding a correct wall paint is the best start.

If you are not much familiar with heritage colors then the fine combination of crisp blue and shiny white is a classic match. You can also match the color ceiling with the same higher gloss colors and make them highlighted. With this kind of palette in the home, a bold shade like gray or dark brown make them time gained an outlook.

Stained glass

The art of stained glass is growing in fame and it’s not difficult to see why. Magnificent colored glass is always in trend whether in a country or in modern houses, this is really amazing pieces of art for the home. This art began in America when William Jay Bolton made a window for a New York church in 1843. Many more patterns are discovered in it after the invention. So try this because it is surely a work of art.

Embrace Finishings

Usually, clean and regular contemporary or new furnishings are pretty good equipment for bringing an understanding of modern life to a custom home style without the two different forms feeling like they’re battling each other. Look for classic textures, simple lines, and moderate colors without going originally modern or feeling tied to loaded custom trappings Mix traditional and modern periods.

Mix modern and traditional furniture

A feel of modern touch can create a classically stunning home that extra attractive. If you are using traditional style an elegant rug, a velvet touch sofa or a framed antique painting then a modern side table is kind of wild card. So just mix and match both styles and see the real magic.